My Story

I have always wanted to be a Mom. It has been a burning desire. I always thought I would find the right man, get married and have children with him. While I have had some significant relationships in my life, I just haven’t found the right guy at the right time. The desire to be a Mom is so strong though, that I know it is time to start my family. Many of my friends have children on their own, and taken different routes to do so. Adopting is what feels right to me. I feel that being a Mom is my destiny, just not by the traditional route.

I am very outgoing and adventurous. I am always the first to say “Yes” to any adventure, whether it’s taking a surfing lesson at the Jersey Shore, taking a spontaneous trip with friends, or learning something new. I love music and go to a lot of concerts, particularly rock and alternative rock. I was always athletic. In high school I played lacrosse and basketball and I played lacrosse in college. I work out almost every day – it’s important to me to take care of my body and I love running outside, hiking, and lifting weights. Even though I am a bit of a jock, I am also a bit of a nerd. I studied geology in college and later went on to get a Masters degree in business. I enjoy giving back and volunteer with Covenant House in New York and went to Guatemala to visit their shelter for girls.

My Family

I grew up in Massachusetts in a relatively large family – I have two brothers and one sister. It was fun growing up in a big family. We would take road trips together in our station wagon, usually to local beaches. A couple times we even drove to Florida and went to Disney World! My siblings are all married and have 2 children each. We get together at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving and all the major holidays. It makes for a loud and lively conversation around the dinner table when we are all there! For the last 8 years we have all taken a family trip to Florida for Mother’s Day. We have a great time riding bikes, swimming, and looking for shells on the beach. My family would be thrilled for me to have a child. He or she would have 6 cousins ready to play with him or her!

Here I am with 2 of my nieces.  We love visiting Florida and the beach.

My Friends

I have a large network of great friends, from many parts of my life. Some are friends from school, like the goofy bunch above at our reunion. Others I met in New York or NJ. We live close and meet up for fun runs, birthdays, and dinners all the time. I travel on vacation with many of my closest girlfriends and in the summer we share a beach house together. My friends are positive, smart, and love to have fun! I know I can count on them whenever I need anything.

…and their babies!
Many of my friends have had babies in the last 3 years! And many of them are single moms. From spending time with them at birthday parties, going to the park and even visiting them in the hospital right after they gave birth, I have learned a bit about what to expect as a Mom.

One of my friends just adopted a baby a few months ago! I’m glad I will have someone to go through this adoption journey with together.

My friends were so excited to hear that I want to adopt. They tell me I will be a great Mom. They will be a huge support network for me and my child will have many kids of similar age to play with nearby.

My Career

I have had a fascinating career. My first job was as an engineer on oil rigs in Texas! This was my dream job at the time because I wanted to work outside and not at a desk. I have always been interested in male-oriented fields and thrive at showing them that a girl can do everything a man can do and more!  I was always interested in the environment and so I eventually moved into renewable energy because I want to make the planet a better place for the next generation.

I now work for myself.  I started my own consulting company a few years ago.  I advise startup companies all over the world to be successful and I help large companies develop new innovative products and services.  I had dreamed of being a professor one day and 4 years ago I also became a professor at a local university where I teach one day per week. Having my own business allows me to set my own hours.  I have had a successful career and now the focus is on work that gives me flexibility to be a Mom.

I worked on oil rigs in Texas before coming back to the NorthEast and switching over to renewable energy.