My Travels

I am very lucky to have done a lot of traveling to some pretty amazing places, often paid for by work! I love experiencing everything other cultures have to offer like new foods, music and dancing. While in Australia, I even let a kangaroo eat out of my hand! My travels have allowed me to see how other cultures live and has given me a unique perspective on life. I have seen things outside of just my neighborhood or country. I will bring a lot of diverse experiences to a child. I would love to travel with my son or daughter, and show them the amazing people, places, and things that are out there in this world!

In Marrakech, Morocco.

Recently I went to Morocco for work. It was fascinating! The culture and food were so different. The outdoor markets had brightly colored rugs and piles of spices. I even rode on a camel! Travel is an amazing thing I would like to share with a child.

My Hobbies

In my spare time I volunteer with a few organizations that I really care about. One is Covenant House which is a shelter for homeless and runaway kids. I participate in their sleepouts to raise awareness for their work and also traveled to Guatemala to visit their shelter for girls who were victims of human trafficking. Hip Hop Public Health is a great organization that brings healthy nutrition and exercise habits to school kids through rap. I also enjoy volunteering and speaking at events encouraging girls to go into science and engineering (STEM) fields. Last year I was asked to go to Germany to be a motivational speaker at a robotics camp for girls! I enjoy being a role model to help kids learn from my experiences.

I also love sports. I played lacrosse, basketball and softball in school. Now I run and love competing in races. I also LOVE hiking – particularly out west in Arizona and Utah. The scenery is amazing. I like to stay fit and it feels great to push myself. It also builds up my confidence. I hope to instill in my child an appreciation for fitness in whatever way he or she finds fun.

Hiking in Zion National Park, St. George, Utah, and playing softball in New Jersey.